Pharmaceutical is one of the heavily regulated industry. Drugs are evaluated for safety, efficacy, and manufacturing quality .Cleaning pharmaceutical equipment is pretty challenging due to the varying cleaning standards from time to time and the kind of contamination that is present. Clean environments in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process depend on how effectively and how frequently the equipment is cleaned.

At Cleantech, we take care of such cleaning demands by developing suitable cleaning machines with great ease owing to our years of experience in the field of cleaning solutions.


  • AHU Filters

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Cabinet type cleaning

Conveyor type cleaning

Customized Component Cleaning Machine

DIP & Dunk Type cleaning machine

Heat pump

Heat Pump

Tank Type Machine

Oiling machine

Rotary Table Type cleaning machine

Robotic Cleaning

Rotary Indexing type cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machines


This smart technology has been developed with increased demand in reduction of load rating for cleaning systems.

A smart and green solution for reduced Energy Consumption and carbon foot print.