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Conveyor Type Cleaning Machine

Oiling Machine


Oiling Machines are very compact, economical, suitable for wide range of components. With little bit of customization these products can be used for precision cleaning. Easy to operate smart machines having very low maintenance.


ModelOL 400
Pump pressure---
Load Capacity (in Kg)50
Component Size (DXH)400X300
Chamber (Volume-m3)0.28

ModelOL 600
Pump pressure---
Load Capacity (in Kg)100
Component Size (DXH)600X350
Chamber (Volume-m3)0.4

ModelOL 800
Pump pressure---
Load Capacity (in Kg)200
Component Size (DXH)800X450
Chamber (Volume-m3)0.72


  • SS construction,
  • highly reliable,
  • low maintenance,
  • state of the art after sale service.
  • Environment friendly, aqueous cleaners.
  • low running cost.
  • Operator safety is built-in in the design of machine.
  • The various options of energy for tank heating like heat pump, gas heating, heat exchanger, water heating steam heating are available.
  • Total solution to cleaning problems.