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Robotic Cleaning Machine


‘CLEANTECH’ offers you a very good choice for ‘green technology’ which not only helps in protecting the environment, but also saves energy bills up to 60% as compared to electrical resistance heating of solvent used for cleaning of industrial components.

With energy cost rising, and carbon footprint increasing, this new system is a smart solution to all your problems!

Moreover, the technology has been matured to manufacture
highly reliable equipment which will give you long service life
without any trouble.

Robotic Component Cleaning Machine


‘CLEANTECH’ offers you a very good choice for automation in the component cleaning process.
Robotic cleaning machine is yet another precision cleaning machine. This machine as the names suggests, is robot operated. The standard IP69K robot is used in this machine. This machine is cost effective, accurate and also well designed.
With Robotic Cleaning Machine, Cleantech brings a revolution in the component cleaning industry.
The world is moving very fast and to keep up with the pace of the world your machines should be moving fast too. The automated system of the robotic cleaning machine does not consume much time and also eliminates the possibility of human error.


  • Robot operated Air, spray nozzles
  • Can accommodate various number of cycles
  • Flexibility to accommodate various components in one machine.
  • Maintenance friendly machine.
  • IP69K grade robot to be used in cleaning machine.
  • High production rate can be achieved.
  • Fine cleaning in tapping’s, threading and blind holes is possible with reduced cycle time.
  • Accommodation of robot can be done as per requirement of cleaning in any type of machine.


Machine TypeCabinet Type robotic washing machine.
ComponentCrankshaft 3 Types
ProcessLoad-Component Goes inside -Trolley Lock- Spray Cleaning by Robotic spray gun :-General ,Water jacket and Oil passage area Spray wash - Purging cycle - Compressed air blow- components comes out & unload.
Cycle Time180 secs.
MilliporeLess than Oil gallery-10- 20 Mg. Overall -15 Mg
Drying100% Dry.
Robot SpecificationMake Fanuc –LR mate 200 iD/7WP+IP69K. 2) PayLoad Capacity:- 7kg. 3)Reach:- 717mm from center Axis's. 4) Robot speed : 1.5 m/sec
Advance FeatureForce sensing and iRVision (Optional)


  • SS construction,
  • highly reliable,
  • low maintenance,
  • state of the art after sale service.
  • Environment friendly, aqueous cleaners.
  • low running cost.
  • Operator safety is built-in in the design of machine.
  • The various options of energy for tank heating like heat pump, gas heating, heat exchanger, water heating steam heating are available.
  • Total solution to cleaning problems.