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Ultrasonic cleaning machines


 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines are most suitable when the contamination levels are low, components are complex & precision cleaning is required. These are best suited in combination with spray washers.


  • Used for fine cleaning.
  • Used for achieving particle size cleanliness level.
  • Ultrasonic transducer are used to generate the bubbles in water & bubbles droplets when hits the surface of components the area is cleaned.
  • Oil holes & Critical areas cleaning is difficult.
  • Tak-time required is more compared to other type of machine.
  • Maintenance is easy & compact machine.


ModelUS 400
Pump pressure---
Load Capacity (in Kg)50
Component Size (DXH)400X300
Chamber (Volume-m3)0.28

ModelUS 600
Pump pressure---
Load Capacity (in Kg)100
Component Size (DXH)600X350
Chamber (Volume-m3)0.4

ModelUS 800
Pump pressure---
Load Capacity (in Kg)200
Component Size (DXH)800X450
Chamber (Volume-m3)0.72


  • SS construction,
  • highly reliable,
  • low maintenance,
  • state of the art after sale service.
  • Environment friendly, aqueous cleaners.
  • low running cost.
  • Operator safety is built-in in the design of machine.
  • The various options of energy for tank heating like heat pump, gas heating, heat exchanger, water heating steam heating are available.
  • Total solution to cleaning problems.
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